Slack Channels at CGA


In my previous article, I introduced 12 of our unique clubs at CGA. These clubs have student leaders/presidents and are active throughout the year (excluding pop-up clubs). However, there are many more communities at CGA that you can join with no requirements. These are the channels on CGA Slack, and they are made for various purposes including general announcements, academic support, country based communities, entertainment, and more. Unlike clubs, you can join and leave a channel anytime you like. 


General announcements

  • all-school-announcement
  • student-space
  • introductions
  • extracurriculars 
  • cga-usa-announcement

CGA students are encouraged to be in the general announcement channels since all the recruitment for new/current clubs, important school announcements including inter-house competitions, new updates on CGA websites, and other notices will be shared on these channels.


Academic/community support

  • academic-extension
  • ask-jamie
  • cga-community-help
  • aoraki-study-club
  • university_admissions

These channels are for students who wish to have extra academic support outside of their classes. You can talk to, and discuss with other students, or ask teachers/academic support staff to help level up your grades and university admissions (e.g. C.V.s). 

When there’s a problem or you have questions regarding technical difficulties/issues, including the malfunctioning of CGA Home, Zoom, or Canvas, you can ask for tech support through #cga-community-help.


Country (continent, city) based communities

  • cga-new-zealand
  • cga-japan
  • cga-australia
  • cga-china
  • cga-hong-kong
  • cga-europe
  • cga-indoneasia
  • cga-jersey
  • cga-singapore
  • cga-south africa
  • cga-south korea
  • cga-taiwan
  • cga-thailand
  • cga-uae
  • cga-usa
  • cga-vietnam

If you are based or simply interested in one of the countries/regions listed in the box, you may wish to join a country based slack channel. These channels are where physical student meet ups and various opportunities (competitions, public speeches) within the region are announced. Anyone is welcome to join and start a conversation in these communities to get to know the students and teachers at CGA better. 



  • anime
  • art
  • cga-podcast
  • chess-club
  • computer-programming-club
  • cooking-and-baking
  • dance
  • debate
  • drama
  • ecl-game-development
  • ecl-health-and-wellness
  • ecl-nitro-type
  • ecl-research-club
  • economicsclub
  • memes
  • performing-arts
  • roblox
  • sci-fi
  • sports
  • writing-club 

*These clubs are NOT the same as the student-led clubs at CGA. 

CGA Slack also has many communities made for entertainment. This is where you can find students with the same interests/hobbies, and share your passions with others. For example in #anime and #sci-fi, you can get a recommendation from others on what to watch/read next, or you can post your impression/feeling/opinion on certain works. In art channels including #art, #dance, #drama, and #performing arts, you can further develop and upgrade your skills in certain arts by sharing your works and getting feedback from others. These channels are unlikely to be organised by certain student leaders, so you are more than welcome to comment, post, react, and start a conversation when you feel like it. 


All of these Slack channels are free for you to join. 

Don’t hesitate to have a quick peek at them, and make your extracurricular activities more exciting and enjoyable!