A lot of us aspire to do great in our life. To live in a bustling city where an opportunity lies on every corner of the street. A city so big it is home to millions of other people, yet in the tiny little coffee shops we go to and the same hair salon we go to, there are people whose eyes we’ve seen more than our own but whose names we do not utter once. 

In a bustling city where people surround us, we build our success with the hopes of living a life worth living. In the midst of it all, it is then we are prone to lose the moments that make our life great. Climbing up the ladder, doing greatness, we smile for the camera as we pose and cheer at a new achievement. A new medal has been added to the collection. A stepping stone we believe will help us achieve our dreams. 

But, in a city where silence is not seen, greatness is always to be found; we fail to realise that sometimes all it takes to make a life worth living is the little moments when we gather around the dining table, blasting music as we play card games with family and friends. When we bake chocolate goodies with those we love. Sometimes, it can simply be the nature we see as we sit on a bus waiting for our stop; and most of the time, they are moments we take for granted. 

We rush out of our childhood homes, apartments we lived in for years with our family, and pack. We pack our clothes and the stuff dearest to us. We take down the posters, the bedsheets, and the room in which we lived and spent our time. We lay it bare as we prepare to move. Move away from the life we know, from the people we know, to move to a place where we begin a new journey all by ourselves. We build a new family, people whose eyes have never laid on the places we spent our entire childhood.  

In a bustling city where all is dared to achieve greatness, is it worth it? Leaving the place we spent most of our life in? Running and laughing as we breathe the morning air while the sun splashes its rays on us? Just so we can have a glimpse, a mere chance to do something and be someone new? 

We often hear people debating the pros and cons of living in a small area versus a big city. Most people argue that living in a small area, sometimes even a farm, is the big advantage you get is being around nature. Surrounded by the trees and the never-ending sun. Meanwhile, most people argue that living in a big city gives us opportunities, technologies, and a thousand developments that we often cannot find in a rural area. 

When the time comes when we all finally pack our bags, move, and relocate to an unknown place, we are flushed with feelings of excitement, looking forward to what lies ahead of us. With this, we are also overwhelmed with mixed emotions about leaving those we love behind us. A bittersweet feeling it is. Looking forward to a change whilst being unsure if the love and comfort we have in the place we left behind will be found again.