The CGA Student Meetup

On the afternoon of June 13th, 30 CGA students met up in Newmarket Shopping Centre, located in central Auckland. We were given the opportunity to meet our peers in person, speak to the CGA Staff, and tour the CGA Office.

We met outside the entrance to the Archie Brother’s Electric Cirque inside the Westfield mall, soon being given the clear to enter the Arcade. The loud chatter of other people dwarfed our conversations, many of us resorting to semi-shouting in order to be heard by each other.

The students were given unlimited credit to play on the large collection of familiar retro games such as Dance Dance Revolution, Clown Toss, and Basketball. Due to a restriction on our passes, though, we were unable to obtain tickets or use the claw machines. It was a small inconvenience, quickly overshadowed by the rush of excitement as we spotted bumper cars and the variety of other games.

Shortly after the Arcade, we headed to the CGA Office based in Parnell. Despite the chilly air, the conversations were loud, and the students inside were ecstatic. We were greeted with the smell of warm pizza, and music blasting through the speakers; a fact that was soon taken advantage of by a certain group of students…

Not long after our arrival, pizza boxes lay empty on the tables, and a clearing was made, acting as a dance floor as we partied throughout the evening. Ms. Ceban was dragged in against her will, as were many others, but it was clear by everyone’s beaming smiles that it was quite the enjoyable experience. While the rowdy strays partied and danced to the booming music, many of us opted to enjoy the board games scattered over desks, and doodled all over the whiteboards.

The meet-up concluded with a Stock Market Investing 101 course by Founder and CEO of Crimson Global Academy, Jamie Beaton, hosted by Miles Urquhart. The fast-paced webinar dived into niche aspects of the stock market featuring a live Q&A section towards the end.

This was a great end to the night, many of us left looking forward to the upcoming events in the near future.