Orchids, dandelions, tulips… which one are you?


Existence of the low/ medium/ high sensitivity levels 

Over the past several decades, society has constantly been spun with the wonder of what traits are needed to become successful. And some research has begun to look into the factors of sensitivity in our chaotic world. If there had to be bipolar sides to lowest/highest sensitivity levels, which one would you choose?

According to empirical studies, people differ substantially in their reactivity and sensitivity to environmental influences with some being genuinely more affected than others.

The main concept of the media has been rotating around names which create analogies: Orchids, representing those who do exceptionally well in ideal conditions, but extremely poor when pressure levels rise. Dandelions, a representative of those who are less- sensitive ones, tend to have rather solid results in how well they do. And finally, of course, we have the tulips, those who have a balance between the low and high sensitivity levels. But what if you could only choose between the two extremes?

Although the answer seemed clear at first, being an orchid, you could ace your grade every time when exams come around, as long as you planned a while ahead. However, it brings us to the question of why we attend school in the first place. No matter how important good grades may seem, the original purpose of school was to prepare students for the future in this large and rural world that may seem overwhelming. 

No matter where you go and what you do, things will never run as smoothly as you asked them to be. So whilst it seems like a wonderful idea to always top the class and win that football game… when you exit the school environment, downfalls will be inevitable without the skill to work around sudden changes that are thrown at you. 

Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it