The Reality of Being a Twilight Lover


Now, I proudly admit that I am a twilight stan. A real fan who has read the books and seen the movies when they were in the cinema. And since the movies have recently been trending again, I thought I would give an unconventional take of the series. However, I must confess I am a realist and instead of looking at Twilight through the Bella Swan, Forks Washington aesthetic lense, I want to take a more logical and realistic view of the characters. 


I think we can all agree that Robert Pattinson is gorgeous and his role as Edward Cullen is one I will always and I mean always favourite, but let’s take a more in depth look at his character. 


First of all, despite the fact that Edward is a vampire and has murdered people, his obsession with Bella was honestly slightly concerning. Now, please just for two minutes forget his hazel eyes and his wedding speech and look at him for what he actually is. Are we forgetting that he literally wanted to drink Bella’s blood and devour her because she smelt good! I know Bella was calm and played a cool “I’m not scared of you, you won’t hurt me”, but if somebody told me that they have never wanted to taste a human being’s blood more than mine, you best believe I am running for the hills! Hm what else? Oh I remember, Edward was honestly extremely mentally abusive. He really up and left Bella with no explanation, made her suffer for months on end and then tried to kill himself because he thought she died. Please Edward stop with the mixed signals. Now before I say something very controversial, I want you to know I am Team Edward, however the way he isolated Bella from seeing Jacob is a serious red flag. I guess you can argue that he was jealous and being protective, but your partner should never have control over what you do and he was obsessively controlling. Similarly in the first movie when Bella was nearly attacked by those men and Edward so conveniently saved her, let’s not pretend that he wasn’t stalking her. Again, scary signs of possessiveness and jealousy. RUN! 


In all honesty, from a realist point of view, Jacob and Bella’s relationship could have developed into romance. Not that I would have wanted that, however I feel Jacob made me feel whole whereas Edward had he guessing, feeling insecure and he was the dominant one in the relationship. Bella looked up to him and not in a good way. I feel she always needed his approval and that she was so consumed by him she lost herself. 


I think it is important to note, whether you love or hate Twilight, the sound track is unbeatable. If you are sad please listen to Roslyn by Bon Iver or Possibility by Lykke Li, stare out a window and channel New Moon Bella, trust me it is therapeutic.


Or mentally damaging. You decide.