Real Superpowers Seen in our Modern World

Real Superpowers Seen in our Modern World

We’re all aware of things like magic, and even superpowers. The books we pick up to entertain us are filled with the stuff. These subjects hook us and make us interested. It transports us somewhere unknown and beautifully fantastical. But these concepts aren’t just in books, they’re around us, and some animals actually have some very cool abilities. 

The answer is, there is no such thing as magic. Only science. So much is possible in our world, and everything revolves around science. We only call it magic, because it’s something we can’t understand, wrap our minds around, as well as the fact that it’s unknown.

I can almost guarantee that most of you wish for some superpowers, and you never know – one of you guys could be a crazy scientist and make it happen.

Following are some real superpowers that are inhabiting and are seen in our world. 


Immortal Jellyfish – Scientifically known as Turritopsis dohrnii. Immortal Jellyfish are small and dwell near moderate temp and tropic waters. They are biologically immortal meaning their state and rate of mortality is stable or decreasing. Dissociating them with chronological age. Meaning that they can revert back indefinitely at will to their original polyp blob of tissue if under stress because of age and live once again until sexually mature which is the age they can again revert back. Imagine it like a grown beetle reverting back into a grub (which is not possible – just imagine).

 Although immortal jellyfish are biologically immortal it doesn’t give them the ability to withstand injury, diseases, environmental change, and of course simply being eaten. Therefore, they can still die. But in terms of aging, they can stay young forever if they don’t die from any of the above. Therefore, biologists have changed the definition of scientific immortality to being something that can biologically revert itself into a younger version, therefore allowing it to live forever if not for the dangers of the environment surrounding them. I have to say that even though these little guys can still die, their ability to become young again is very impressive – and I would classify it as an actual superpower. 


Axolotl/Mexican Walking Fish – Scientifically known as Ambystoma mexicanum. Axolotls are small amphibians found in numerous lakes, especially Xochimilco lake in Mexico City. In 2020 these cuties were near extinction because of urbanization, water pollution, and in addition they were caught and sold for meat.

The superpower that I would associate with these guys is that of werewolves healing abilities. They can literally regenerate a whole limb, and tissues of the eye, heart, brain. In addition to this they accept transplants from others including eyes and less vital parts of brain tissue, using these alien new additions, and transforming them into functioning parts. If one of their limbs is injured, they can also grow an extra one at will. 


Dragon Millipede – Scientifically known as Desmoxytes purpurosea. Dragon Millipedes are small toxic millipedes known for their bright pink/red colour and almond smell – oh so cute – but no, not cute – their stunning bright colours is an advertisement of their toxicity, and the almond smell is hydrogen cyanide, which is produced in glands and used on predators. The amount is not enough to kill a human, but can however take out birds, and rodents. I still think they’re kinda cute. 


Sharks – Scientifically known as Selachimorpha. Sharks aren’t so cute. Although I do agree that they’re misunderstood, of course they’ve been known to eat the odd surfer, but they’re just eating, and that’s something everyone needs to do in order to survive. They’d usually go for fellow fish for food but sometimes they just can’t help themselves. Despite their somewhat innocence these big guys have a big hunting advantage that’s quite scary. It’s known as electroreception. Sharks have hundreds to thousands of receptors throughout their body that travel throughout their nervous system. These receptors detect electromagnetic fields that all living things produce, they use this ability to isolate the movement of other beings in order to hunt them deadly fast. In addition, they use this ability to also detect the Earth’s magnetic fields to aid them in orientation and navigating. 


Sea Cucumbers Scientifically known as Actinopyga echinates. Just to clarify – they’re not literally cucumbers – but echinoderms. They’re mushing looking cucumber-shaped leathery skinned things found on the seafloor. But these little mushies aren’t all gross – they have an ability of their own – they can liquefy their body at will when a predator approaches because of the massive amount of collagen in their body, allowing their body wall to tighten and loosen, literally turning into an even bigger pile of mush – ok maybe it’s still gross. This also makes them desirable for aging humans as they’ve recently become obsessed with the anti-aging powers of collagen. Maybe that’s why these mushies have really smooth skin. 


So, have I convinced you? Do you believe in superpowers? 

Cause I do!