2021 Tiktok Food Trends

2021 Tiktok Food Trends

Tiktok, the fastest growing social media platform. You go into the app and what do you see? People dancing, people giving out book recommendations and even daily vlogs! Tiktok has produced so many different types of trends creating a social division on the app. One of the most popular sides of Tiktok, that I guarantee everyone loves, is known as #foodtok. A place where everyone shares different kinds of recipes, sharing the best and worst restaurants out there, and anything that honestly has to do with food. Throughout the growing pandemic, people have learnt different types of hobbies, including cooking! Today we’re gonna look at the different types of food trends that have taken over the app throughout this year. 


  1. Pasta Chips 


One of the most popular food trends that everyone had to try was pasta chips. The first thing you have to do is to boil the pasta until it’s semi-cooked. You then drain the water out and season it with cheese and your preferred seasonings. Once that’s done, pop them into your air fryer for 10 minutes making sure to flip them and toss them at 5 minutes to make sure that all sides are brown and crispy. If you don’t have an air-fryer you can just simply fry them in oil. That’s the last step before you can devour it with some salsa or feta cheese.


This TikTok trend had not just stayed in TikTok but had also reached the famous platform YouTube. One of our most beloved YouTubers Stephanie Soo, also known as ‘MissMangoButt’ had recreated the pasta chips in one of her videos called “Mr. Hands” – The Dark Story Behind The Forbidden Video | Making TikTok Viral Pasta Chips” 


  1. Baked Feta pasta


I’m not a big fan of tomato OR feta but this trend made me wanna go out and make our local grocery store run out of those items. Baked Feta Pasta is made by grabbing some cherry potatoes, spreading it out in an oven-baked pan, adding olive oil, salt and pepper, and any other seasonings that you wish to add. You then coat the tomatoes by tossing them around in the pan with the seasonings. Once that’s done, you want to put a block of feta-cheese right in the middle, add minimum salt and pepper and olive oil and pop them into the oven for 35 minutes. While you’re waiting for that yummy goodness to cook, you wanna prepare your choice of pasta – a common being macaroni, by cooking it. 


When that’s done, you take out the pan, add some fresh chopped garlic and basil and give it a good mix. Add your boiled pasta, mix them up and voila, you now have your dinner. Some people have added some alterations to the recipe by adding the garlic before placing it into the oven and reducing the amount of olive oil. Some people decided to add a block of cream cheese with feta cheese. Either way, they both turn out heavenly. 


  1. Mini Croissant Cereal 


Mini croissant cereal, literally what it’s called. Grab a bunch of mini croissants, you can either buy them at a bakery or grocery OR you can make it from the dough. If you’re gonna make it by yourself, grab the dough, flatten it out, cut it into long triangles and roll. Place them in a pan with equal distance, cover with egg wash, top with a pinch of sugar and pop them into the oven. When you have your mini croissants, drop them into a bowl, and do what you do with your normal cereal. Add milk! Do not add your milk before cereal cause that is just wrong, and this applies to all cereal. Once you have your milk and croissants together, you can now enjoy it as a breakfast or a snack. You can also top it off with fruits such as strawberries. 


  1. Salmon Rice 


One of the best and popular TikTok food trends that have dominated the app is salmon rice. The trend had started through a lifestyle content creator named Emily Mariko (@emilymariko) and had then passed on from one creator to another until it had all taken over our own for you page. With a lot of popularity on the app, The salmon rice bowl hashtag had gotten so big with views of over 30 million. A huge number of people in #foodtok had tried it including one of our favourite tiktokers, @newt. Although he had skipped over a step, it still turned out good. Wanna know how to make salmon rice? Keep on reading. 


The first thing you have to do is to fry your salmon with simple seasonings such as salt, pepper, and paprika. Once fried, place it into a bowl or plate and crush the salmon. When that’s done, grab two to three scoops of rice and add soy sauce. Drizzle some sriracha and Japanese mayonnaise across and mix. When mixed you can either top it off with some chopped cucumbers or avocados or maybe even both. Add in some black sesame seeds and pair them with seaweed wraps and enjoy! 


  1. Slice Quesadilla


Last but not least is the famous 4 slice quesadilla. This is not so much of a recipe but more of a hack that had gone viral in the TikTok community. You get a tortilla, slice it halfway and then to the side. By doing that, you now have 4 different places to put your filling. Put the sauce in the bottom left, add in your vegetables or cheese or any of that sort into the top left. You then place your meat on to the top right and anything else extra at the bottom right. Fold your tortilla by folding the bottom left up, covering the top left. When folded, fold the top left towards the right. You then fold it towards the bottom right. Sounds a bit complicated but it’s not, it’s only a matter of actually doing it. 


Once that’s done, fry it in a pan and flip to toast it on both sides. Some famous recipes that most people have tried are putting in scrambled eggs, guacamole, salsa, and cheese. It’s best to use a large tortilla for this specific hack since so many toppings can go into this tortilla. 


Those are the top five most famous TikTok trends that have gone viral on the app. With different recipes always going viral, who knows what’s next? Keep an eye out for the next viral thing that will happen on #foodtok. Have you tried any of these recipes or are you planning to make a viral trend your own? Stay safe in this pandemic and keep on cooking!