Academic Success of Crimson Global Academy

Exam Scoring

Crimson Global Academy achieved outstanding academic results in 2021!

CGA students have a reputation for their outstanding academic prowess. We have all heard countless stories about CGA students who have ended up in world-class universities. The question is, do they live up to this reputation? To answer this question, we will have to look at their results. First, let us look at the IGCSE. Before we get into the IGCSE results, it is important to understand what the IGCSE is.
The IGCSE is a two-year qualification that is taken in years ten and eleven. There is no limit to the number of subjects you can take in the IGCSE although the majority of people take nine subjects. The grading system is slightly different, students are given a grade between one to nine, with one being a G and nine being an A*.
So what were the IGCSE results?
The average result for a CGA student was 7.2 while the average result worldwide was 5.2. This means that the average student attending CGA achieved an A while the average student worldwide achieved a high C. Moreover, 47% of grades were an eight or above at CGA while only 29% of grades were a seven or above worldwide. That is amazing! Next, let’s look at the Advanced Placement (AP) but first, what is the AP?
The AP is a program of classes that allow high school students to do college-level courses. Each AP course takes around nine months to complete. The grading system is similar to IGCSE; a grade is given between the numbers one to five, receiving one means you are ‘not qualified’, and receiving five means you are ‘extremely qualified.’

What were the AP results?

CGA had a high average of 3.9/5 while the global average was 3.1/5. An average of 3.9/5 means that most students were deemed to be ‘well qualified’ in their courses and are likely to do well in college. What is more impressive is that a staggering 44% of CGA students achieved a 5/5, in comparison, globally, only 12% of students achieved 5/5. The percentage of people who have received a 5/5 at CGA is nearly four times higher than the global average, meaning that you are four times more likely to find an ‘extremely qualified’ student a CGA than at an average school.

To answer the question posed at the start, do CGA students live up to their reputation?

Yes, they do!

As demonstrated above, CGA outperforms the global average in every single facet of academics.