What actually is the “Korean Beauty Standards”?

What actually is the “Korean Beauty Standards”?

With its captivating songs, billion-dollar boy groups, and mind-blowing dancing moves, Korean pop, commonly known as K-pop, has taken over the world. Although there are many Korean idols in K-pop, most of our favourite idols come from all parts of the world. Lisa from Blackpink coming in from Thailand, Jackson Wang coming from China, Mark Lee from Canada and so much more! 


As trainees, K-pop idols had to endure many sleepless nights, extreme diets, and frequent tiredness. Though all good would come once they debut right? Wrong. The difficulties that K-pop idols face only get worse as they make their debut. With incessant criticism and hatred from netizens, the pressure of needing to appear a specific way, and hundreds of people questioning their abilities, K-pop idols have no choice but to continue along their way as they continue pursuing their dream. 


Korean idols would have gradually risen in popularity as they made their debut. Allowing them to enjoy the numerous advantages of being a world-known celebrity. Luxury handbags, photoshoots, concerts, cutting-edge technology, and more! Is that, however, all they do? Enjoy their lives as they continue to rise in the public eye?


As global appeal and popularity develop, so does pressure and competition. K-pop idols begin their careers as trainees at major record labels as young as 11 years old, receiving training in singing, rapping, dancing, and foreign languages. Even though K-pop can be glamorous and exciting, Korean society often places unrealistic beauty standards. Slim proportions, a small face with a V-shape jawline, a pale complexion, double eyelids, smooth skin, and larger eyes are typically seen as beauty requirements.

As the K-pop community grows, it is apparent that more people are recognising K-pop idols that best meet the ‘Korean beauty standards.’ Jin from BTS, Cha Eun Woo from ASTRO, Jisoo from Blackpink, and NCT Jaehyun are some of the most well-known idols that are known for having one of Korea’s best looks. Don’t get me wrong, all idols have been blessed with genes and are beautiful, but these are the individuals the ‘Ajummas’ would be talking about and pairing up with their grandchildren. 


With all these idols being fitted into the ‘Korean Beauty Standards’, it’s no wonder that the people adore them and are always leaving out comments complimenting them. As much as we are happy about that, we can’t deny the fact that while people are admiring these good looks, there are also people constantly bashing K-pop idols who do not fit their ‘beauty standard’. 


One of the most popular idols, who had been subjected to relentless criticism from the press, has repeatedly demonstrated that she is just as attractive as those who match their ‘standards.’ Jessi, a Korean-American rapper and singer, has received a lot of backlash from the internet because of her tanned skin and curvy physique. Despite this, Jessi continues to walk proudly and confidently, and her fans adore her for it. Changbin from Stray Kids is another K-pop idol who has consistently proven to not just himself, but everyone else, that he is not just skilled but also blessed with good looks. From a survival show to a collaboration with Milli and F.HERO, he has proven that he is not only a brilliant rapper but also a good-looking one. His razor-sharp chin gives him a killer jawline, yet many still despise him because he doesn’t meet the “Korean beauty standard.”


As if idols suffering hate wasn’t bad enough, these beauty standards influence everyone. Young children and teenagers who have been told their entire lives that they must appear a specific way to be deemed pretty, as well as enthusiastic viewers of Korean shows, are all influenced by these norms. As a result, their self-esteem is constantly being shattered and making it difficult for them to express themselves freely.


As the community grows, the ‘Korean beauty standards’ are gradually being phased out. International fans speak up for their idols and support them against the constant hate they receive, allowing idols and individuals to be free and confident in their skin and not conform to others’ perceptions of beauty. After all…


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder






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