March 2023 Poll Results – The CGA Press


The results are in for the highly anticipated March edition of the CGA Press’s new monthly polls. The survey sparked both debate and excitement among readers who cast their votes in response to the poll’s questions, which spanned a wide variety of topics. From “Weird food combinations” short questions to “Which theme song is better?” tug-of-wars, the results did not disappoint.

In the recent poll, respondents were asked which theme song from two popular television series was better: F.R.I.E.N.D.S or Stranger Things. A clear divide was established between the nostalgia of the 1990s sitcom, with its upbeat tune, and the eerie reminiscence of the Upside Down world, making the results a fierce tug-of-war. An ultimate winner was established  from the latest responses, placing Stranger Things first, with more votes than F.R.I.E.N.D.S, which won only 48% of votes. Perhaps the eerie suspense of the Stranger Things theme song captivated voters and immersed them in the Upside Down world before they had a chance to decide!

Interestingly, the poll’s question regarding which seasonal sport was students’ favorite produced some varied results, with Skiing taking 12% of votes, Swimming 36%, Ice Skating 32%, Snowboarding 8%, and Rollerskating 12%. A clear divide between winter based sports and summer based sports was established as the results came rolling in. The poll demonstrated that winter based sports (Skiing, Ice Skating, and Snowboarding), at a total of 52% of votes, were favored over the  summer based sports (Swimming, Roller Skating), which held a total of 48% of votes. Similarly to the cold and eerie music of Stranger Things, respondents must have felt wrapped up in the idea of fresh winter air as they decided on their favorite seasonal sport – and who can blame them?

Additionally, respondents were asked whether they prefer to watch movies at home or at the cinema, with the former receiving 48% of votes, and the latter 52% of votes. The distinct choice between comfort or class underpinned the results, and class certainly checked the box for the respondents. Perhaps they simply couldn’t give up the captivating big screen, even if it meant overruling a homely sense of ‘comfiness’. 

Furthermore, respondents were asked which weird food combination they would be willing to try. The choices ranged from pretty disgusting mashups to everyday snacks. The results were flooded with a preference for a combination of milkshake and fries, which garnered 40% of votes. Notably, the choice of avocado and chocolate received 20% of votes, whilst pizza and ranch dressing received 12%, and popcorn and marshmallows received 28%. It is safe to say that our respondents were in strong agreement that a combination of milkshake and fries would certainly be the most obvious choice. 

As we wrap up the CGA Press’s March Monthly Poll, we encourage you to stay up-to-date with our journalists’ latest articles on the CGA Press website, and to participate in our new April Monthly Poll via Slack or through this Google Form