Upcoming Artist: CHAII

This is a piece about the Kiwi-Persian rapper CHAII


With Covid-19 happening last year many musicians were stuck inside, which could be both a blessing and a curse. It meant there was more time for creativity to bloom, but it also meant that inspiration for new songs could be put on hold as there was nothing else to experience for musicians apart from the four walls of their bedroom. As listeners, we played a huge part in the rise of new artists, and someone who I hope will follow this path of fame is the up and coming artist, CHAII. 


In 2019 CHAII released the song ‘South’ which was filmed all the way in Oman and Joshua Tree in LA. There she displayed not only her incredible song but also her Persian roots which is a recurring theme amongst her music videos in her EP ‘Lightswitch’ and photoshoots. Having been in the public eye for only two years now she has been producing a lot of work. Recently in 2021 she released a new single, Oh Nah Yeah, which had gained a lot of positive feedback from people on YouTube. Some people even compared the Kiwi rapper to British superstar, MIA.


However, not everything that has come her way has been positive. I was lucky enough to get an interview with her and this is what she had to say.


“You have to work very hard in this industry, and even harder as a woman of colour. Even though it’s a tough industry I’ve managed to enjoy it a lot and hopefully that can inspire other women.”


Being not only a woman, but a woman of colour has more challenges to being accepted and being given the space to thrive. There are many hurdles designed to keep women out of many industries. Even in 2021 these issues are still very prevalent and that’s something CHAII has had to work through.


CHAIIs career is still taking off but she has been pretty successful already. She’s been featured on many soundtracks like Tony Hawks’ video game. When I asked her about something she didn’t expect from working as a singer/rapper she gave an enthusiastic response:


“Every reward that has come my way I didn’t have an expectation of. As a huge football lover, having my song on the FIFA video game has been one of those moments.”


She has made it clear that even though there are struggles with her line of work, it is truly something she enjoys and has a passion for. This is clear in the way she writes her music, in the music videos that she directed and her determination to get herself out there and have people listen to her art.


“Doing what I love is key. Surrounding myself with likeminded people who become family is such a fun journey. That way I can always look back and live with no regrets and awesome experiences to look back on.” 


All in all, CHAII is a fantastic artist bringing new ideas to the adventurous world of music. Fingers crossed, we get to see her on big stages in the future.