CGA Prizegiving 2021


Crimson Global Academy (CGA) is hosting its first-ever online prizegiving ceremony to recognize its high achievers.

CGA will host a prizegiving ceremony as part of its efforts to foster a competitive and hardworking environment. The prizegiving ceremony is the first of its kind. It will be taking place on July 11 at 7:00 PM New Zealand Standard Time, just as summer break starts for students that joined in September.

You might be asking yourself a few questions, like what awards will be given? How many students will receive an award? What is the selection process for these awards? To answer these questions, there are three categories: Co-curricular, Student leadership, and Academic. There will be seven awardees for Co-curricular, seventeen awardees for Student leadership, and twenty-seven awardees for Academic. This means there are a total of fifty-one awards that can be won. Academic awards are solely based on Centre Assessed Grades, and non-academic awards are awarded by Dr. Daniel, who is the Associate Principal, with the consultation of staff members.

Head Deputy Student for Greenwich, Ibrahim Imtiaz said “I am really excited! I have worked very hard throughout the year and can’t wait for the CGA prizegiving ceremony.” He later added, “It is definitely a step forward for CGA, I hope to see this more often, perhaps even termly!”  The Head Student of Greenwich, Dahiana Gussoni also commented saying “I would encourage everyone to come. These types of events are quite rare as they take ages to arrange. It will undoubtedly be great fun and you might even win an award!”

It is clear that the CGA prizegiving ceremony will promote healthy competition and better community engagement, which is particularly important due to the limitations of attending an online school. It’s important to acknowledge that not everyone will get an award, however, don’t allow this to upset you as everyone is eventually rewarded for hard work. I hope to see you there!”

If you are interested in attending, make sure to sign up here.