Are You Stuck at Home?: Here are 8 Ways to Entertain Yourself


I know recently coronavirus has taken over many aspects of our lives with places all around the world under lockdown. Although most of you might want to go outside and enjoy the fresh air, but instead, why don’t we make the most of our time at home? Here are eight ways to entertain yourself during lockdown or if you’re just bored at home.

  • Learn a new language: 

Speaking different languages is a very important skill which we can apply to many aspects of our life. It can be really useful for travelling, making new friends, for work in the future or even just to understand your favourite international television show. Learning a new language can also be great fun as you can immerse yourself in their culture and feel accomplished as you get better. 

  • Learn to play an instrument:

Learning a new instrument may seem daunting and difficult to start, but there are many programs that will provide you with a digital instrument. An instrument can also be your voice as you can learn to sing or practice karaoke. If you are not keen on any of these, you can always try to make your own songs by using Garageband or other applications. Also if you are already playing an instrument, you can always practice your instrument during lockdown and learn new pieces.

  • Learn to cook or bake:

Cooking is a very basic but very essential skill for survival. It is also great fun as you can make your favourite treats or meals and enjoy eating them after. You can even just help in the kitchen or offer to cook a meal for the family. If you are already proficient at cooking, you can always experiment with new recipes or practice your skills to maybe even become the next Master Chef.

  • Read a good book: 

This is one of the most common tasks you can do to entertain yourself. Pick an engaging or intriguing book in your favourite genre and immerse yourself in its world. This will make time go by very quickly. But if you are not into reading, you can always listen to audiobooks or even watch movies related to your favourite book. Also if you are not close to any libraries, there are many free ebooks online that you can download.

  • Exercise:

Even if we are in lockdown, staying fit and healthy is still important. Many of you may be wondering how we can exercise inside? Well, there are many ways. You can follow many workout or yoga tutorials online which you can do in the comfort of your own home. Exercise can come in many forms and even just standing up for a walk around your house can be beneficial. Exercise can also be very fun and can include Just Dances or playing VR sports.

  • Complete a puzzle:

Although this may seem tedious it can be very engaging and accomplishing when you get into it. You can do a jigsaw puzzle of any size and try to really focus on it. This helps clear your mind and any stress that could be bothering you. There are also many different types of puzzles like crosswords in the weekly newspaper, riddles and sudoku which can test your problem-solving skills and keep your brain sharp.

  • Call your friends:

It can get very lonely during lockdown so keeping connected with your friends is very important. This can be a very long zoom call or even just a text message to see how they are doing. Even though you might not be able to physically hangout with your friends, there are still many activities you can do with them online. These include kahoots, online games, truth or dare or just having a deep conversation. 

  • Spend time with family:

Not only should you try to keep in touch with your friends, spending valuable time with your family can be extremely beneficial during lockdown. Since they are the only people you can really interact with, this can be a golden opportunity to spend time with your family. You can do fun activities like game nights, watching a movie, cooking together or just talking about what is going on in their lives. If your family is not with you, make sure you call them often and see how they are coping.


So if you are in lockdown or stuck at home, that is no excuse to be bored. Entertain yourself by trying one of these eight activities.