A Take on Climate Change

February 10th, 2009


Dear Humans, 

I never wanted to hate you. You mind your business and I minded mine. I never wanted for this to happen. I pear over to my children to make sure they are okay, as a good parent would. I imagine them playing in the snow and skating around on the ice. It is always fun to try and watch them catch fish, it reminds me of my first time which was a complete disaster. I like to pretend my babies will grow up in a world like mine once was. Somewhere with safe shelter, food to eat and to be comfortable. I reminisce as those days no longer exist. My journey as a parent has been difficult. I lost several of my children as I wasn’t able to produce food and nutrition from them. I blame myself but there is no longer enough food for me to survive. I am getting awfully skinny and my kids and I are forced to travel and roam long distances to try and find a meal. I would usually go grab a quick bite not far from home but that is not possible anymore. I am not sure where everybody went. There were so many like me but they have disappeared. I hope to find them one day. I am so tired.

I went hunting the other day and the ground collapsed beneath me. I looked around, scared, this never used to happen. Sometimes I fall over or slip but that’s normal, this was different. I didn’t even have energy to get up. I slid into the cold icy water and lay there, confused as to what was happening. Nobody was even around to help me. Where is my home going? I don’t feel safe anymore. My children can’t live like this. I won’t survive on land. Can you help me understand why this is happening to me? Why are you not helping me? I feel so hopeless. I feel so lonely. I am hungry. I am tired. I am not surviving. I feel like giving up. Will it get better?

I heard that others like me are living in a glass cage in something called a zoo? Apparently humans visit my kind. I have heard they love us. But help me understand why if you think I am cute, why are you hurting me? If you are in awe at my children and buy me as a teddy, why are you destroying my home? Why aren’t you helping me? Please help me. I don’t want to die. I am not ready to die. I can’t see my children die. 

Can you save my home? Can you reverse the damage that has been done? How much more time do I have left on earth? I don’t want to leave forever. My home was once so beautiful. I beg you to help me. I can’t do anything, but you can.


 Why do you need to take? Why are you so selfish? Why do you hate me?

Please. Save me. And my cubs.

From Mrs. Polar Bear