New Zealand Engineering Science Competition

On Saturday 7 August, 4 CGA students were locked in a room for 8 hours. No, not for an interrogation but they were competing in the annual New Zealand Engineering Science competition. 

Starting at 10am in the morning, students: Louis Krukziener, April Li, Jai Crowe, and Gavin Chi had to come up with a detailed report to answer a NZ-based question. The question this year was, “How many 1 in 100 year extreme weather events can New Zealand expect to experience over the course of the next decade?” The team was rounded out with Sijin Lai, teaching supervisor. In the building they operated in, there were 13 teams – 12 teams belonged to ACG Parnell and the last was CGA. 

The team looked to start with the deficit of a missing member, however right before the competition started, Jai rolled around the corner. 

The team set to brainstorm immediately, drawing all over the board. With the little rest time they had, motivation and humour was supplied through team photo submissions posted on the Competition Facebook page.

Halfway through, there was a generous donation of food from the Krukziener family consisting of pork and chicken dumplings topped off with dessert. This provided a much needed boost to team morale as well as their stomachs!

As the deadline of 6pm ever rolled closer, the team scrambled to finish compiling their report.

In the end, the team predicted that there would be a total of 13 extreme weather events within the next decade in New Zealand.

They cannot wait for results!


Winners are to be announced in early November found here.

Past winners include CGA Founder and CEO, Jamie Beaton.