Travelling to Different Dimensions: Astral Projection


Astral projection is defined by the American Psychological Association as ‘the alleged ability to enter into a trancelike state in which one leaves the physical body and operates in the astral plane’. Astral projection is also known as an ‘induced out-of-body-experience or OBE’.

So, what is astral projection exactly? Many cultures and belief systems describe the concept of the astral body. The astral body has been viewed as a person’s soul or simply as a piece of their consciousness, but either way, it is thought to exist within one’s physical body with the added ability to travel outside of the physical (while still attached, of course).

What is the astral plane or astral realm? The astral plane is explained in Carl L. Weschcke and Joe H. Slate’s Astral Projection for Psychic Empowerment as ‘a nonphysical realm that interacts with the physical’. The concept of the astral plane can also be found in many different cultures and belief systems and is believed to be filled with angels, demons, spirit guides, and other entities. It is a realm of thought – it manifests based on ideas and emotions, which is largely how it varies to the physical plane. Because of this, it is thought that every human creation can be found there. According to the aforementioned book, actions taken out in the astral realm will, in one sense or another, impact the physical realm. This is because it is believed that whether you are aware of it or not, a piece of your consciousness is always connected to the astral, even if you are in the physical, and therefore vice versa. How it will impact this realm largely varies on what you are doing in the astral, but it is thought that planning out your goals for the physical while you are in the astral can expedite the manifestation process.

What are the benefits of astral projection? The astral realm is filled with essentially all the knowledge of the universe. Allegedly, it can be used to facilitate past life regression and heal karmic wounds. The beings found there can teach travellers secrets of the universe and provide answers to questions which cannot be found in the physical realm, making it a very beneficial part of anyone’s spiritual journey.

How do you astral project? There are many methods, but the foundation of each is getting into the ‘mind awake, body asleep’ state. The method I find easiest is one of the popular ones. You begin by setting an alarm to wake up a few hours later and go to sleep. Once you awaken, you do an activity for an hour and then go back to sleep. Because your brain would not have had enough time to wake up within that hour, you will still be more relaxed than when you went to sleep the first time. If you do not astral project, you will at least have some very odd dreams. But, of course, other methods may work better for you.

How is astral projection different to reality shifting? While both involve shifting your awareness from your current body, astral projection does not necessarily imply travelling to a different reality. Instead, you enter the astral plane, which is still in this reality, the same way the physical plane you are on right now is in this reality.

So, what do you think? Is astral projection ‘real’ or is it just a very vivid dream?