Highlights from the Tokyo Olympic Games #2

This week, CGA Sports will cover a story of a CGA student who worked as an intern during the time. Scroll down to read her experience.


 Yuko Nagakura, CGA student and Head Student of the school, worked as an intern during the period of the Olympic Games, and she shared her experiences and what she saw during her time.

 Yuko worked in an organization called EF Japan, which mainly specializes in sending students abroad, and learn languages while working at a local firm. Students who; want to experience what it’s like to work abroad and operate in a foreign language, would like to develop their language skills through classroom instruction and are interested in attending professional development workshops with students from all over the world are all recommended to take part. Yuko explained that “I knew they were an amazing company as I had done a collaborative event with them before,” and this was her main reason behind applying. The days of the intern went by fast for her, as “The office was very festive and busy!”

 During her time as intern, Yuko had the chance to spectate the Women’s Street Skateboarding contest, which ended with 14 year old Momiji Nishiya, a Japanese skateboarder, winning the Gold Medal. Yuko expressed her excitement after watching this sport especially because a home grown competitor won. Yuko told us that her view of the Olympic Games changed a lot. She explained, “I was never interested in the Olympics or Paralympics before but seeing the work that goes into the games really changed my perspective.”

Finally, Yuko responded to this final question; do you think more people around the world, like CGA students should participate in interns?

“Being an intern taught me skills that classes at school could not teach. If you ever have the opportunity, I highly recommend it!”

A special thanks goes to Yuko for sharing us her experiences.

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